Bestseller author Shaun Rein’s post-pandemic book on US-China relations, “The Split: How US-China Conflict is Changing China’s Economy and Consumer Behaviour” is ready for pre-order and will appear in early September 2024.

From the Amazone website:

The Split analysis the geo-political split between the US and China, China’s sharp turn towards socialism and how this will cut into fat margins in many sectors. It explains why corporations in sectors such as semiconductors and AI should stay clear of China and relocate to other countries like Vietnam, India and Mexico. Yet principally, Rein makes the case that that fears about China’s shift are far overblown and that for most sectors it should remain the main growth driver for even the largest companies.

Expert insights into China’s national policy reforms, its rising middle class seeking to save and invest, and their focus on health and wellness, will inform the international strategic decisions for companies around the world  in sectors such as finance, consumer goods and auto.

China will soon eclipse the United States as the world’s largest economy and companies will lose out if they do not know how to invest in China properly. No company has been able to get into China for 3 years. Shaun Rein hasn’t left. He’s therefore uniquely positioned to advise now that China is opening up again.

The Split presents a unique and informed case for why the time is definitely now to capitalize on policy changes and trends in China that will support long-term opportunities for your business.

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