Terracotta Army detail, Xi'an, Chinavia Wikipedia At the China Speakers Bureau we are going to open up for new speakers again. Getting assignments in is our priority, but we also do not want to keep our gates closed for qualified speakers, as we have done in the recent past.
Do note our basic requirements though. We have a strong focus on China and China-related issues and are going to stick to that. So, when your strong points are in sport, innovation or technology, we are only interested if that adds value in the China context. The good news is: we do not care where you are actually located. Much of our assignments are coming from outside China.
Do have a look also at our current stable of speakers. We do love to get new speakers who add value to our current speakers. That means, we do have enough people who cover doing business in China a more generic way. The more specialized skills you have, be easier it will be for us to find assignments.
We also require a strong track record in giving speeches for a fee. Our business is based on a percentage of the speakers’ fee, so if there is no fee we might lose interest.
There is more to say, but if you meet those basic requirement, do get in touch and we can start our discussions. Do get in touch with Fons Tuinstra at fons.tuinstra@china-speakers-bureau.com for more information.

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