shaunreinShaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr

The summer holidays and the summer heat forced many to lay low – we noticed from the traffic to our websites – with one exception: Shaun Rein. Almost no day passed without Shaun sharing his views on mainstream TV-stations or on Forbes and Business Week. No wonder he rose to the first place again in our top-10 of most-sought speakers for August 2010. (You can see our listing for July here.)
Shaun Rein covered a wide range of subjects: sex and porn, the stress test for banks, the China blame game of Western media,  the lack of savings, and many more subjects. (See also our speakers’ corner).
Kaiser Kuo has his first full month as director at China’s leading search engine Baidu. And although we miss his opinion leadership in the mainstream media, he still maintained a firm second place. Otherwise, for those who are following our speakers, not that many surprises in this month’s top-10 (July 2010 in brackets).

  1. Shaun Rein (3)
  2. Kaiser Kuo (1)
  3. Arthur Kroeber (4)
  4. Tom Doctoroff (10)
  5. Rupert Hoogewerf or Hurun (8)
  6. William Overholt (-)
  7. Paul French (5)
  8. Wendell Minnick (-)
  9. Jasper Becker (-)
  10. Victor Shih (6)

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