CHINICT's Master of Ceremonies Kaiser Kuo in 2008.Kaiser Kuo in 2008 via Wikipedia

Huge changes in this month’s list of most-sought speakers, compared to October. Kaiser Kuo gained the top position and certainly made the biggest move this month. As he took his position as director international communication at China’s largest search engine Baidu, we feared he might be working more behind the scenes. But for the past month, his valuable contributions kept on surprising us in a pleasant way.
His statement that internet censorship in  China was not giving Baidu a competitive advantage over Google irked some, according to the tweets we saw. His argument that the internet is not making us stupid got almost universal approval.
In terms of news the past month has been pretty busy for our speakers. Mostly our radar screen picks up a few quotes per day, but some of our speakers, including Rupert Hoogewerf, Wendell Minnick and Shaun Rein made many appearances.
Two newcomers on our top-10: John van Fleet, or educational and marketing specialist and CEIBS Annette Nijs entered our list. Welcome.

The overview of the most-sought speakers for November 2010 (October in brackets)
1. Kaiser Kuo (4)

nijsnetAnnette Nijs via Flickr

2. William Overholt (8)
3. Arthur Kroeber (5)
4. Shaun Rein (1)
5. Rupert Hoogewerf (3)
6. William Bao Bean (9)
7. Paul French (2)
8. Wendell Minnick (10)
9. Annette Nijs (-)
10. John van Fleet (-)

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