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The Russian fighter jet MiG-29k is “no option” for China’s former Soviet-built carrier Varyag, told a Russian defense official at the 2011 Aero India air show in Bangalore, writes Wendell Minnick in Defense News.

“This is not an option for China’s aircraft carrier program,” the Russian defense industry official said, citing unresolved differences with China over intellectual property in the Su-27/J-11B fighter scandal.
In 2009, Russian officials accused China of stealing the blueprints for the Su-27 to produce an indigenous variant, the J-11B. There also have been allegations that the design for China’s new L-15 advanced trainer jet was copied directly from Russia’s Yak-130.
“The Chinese are going with an indigenous option for their carrier aircraft, most likely a modified variant of the Su-33,” the industry official said.

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