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The Apple outlet in Pudong, Shanghai is getting mythical proportions and babtized by retail analyst Paul French the ‘Temple of Apple’. In Mercury News he explains why Apple changed from a laggard into a winner in the booming China market, unlike other US brands.

While Apple currently captures only a sliver of China’s consumers, the country’s 300 million-member middle class includes many upwardly mobile consumers with money to burn.
“Apple’s moment is here,” said retail analyst Paul French of the Shanghai-based firm Access Asia. “There is now enough of an urban middle class with enough money to afford Apple products. Five years ago — or even two or three years ago — there weren’t enough of those people.”…

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While many Chinese buy cheap knockoffs of Apple products, plenty of others are more than willing to pay top price for originals — and the reliability and status that comes with them.
At the Pudong outlet — a spacious store awash in natural light that French calls “the Temple of Apple” — product adoration crossed a number of age groups one recent afternoon, from teens sipping milk tea to professionals getting assistance on Macintosh software. Young couples cuddled over iPads as music, from hip-hop beats to the Beatles, filled the air.
“They’ve got great products and they are doing this at a time when Chinese consumers are feeling bullish and have some money,” French said.

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Paul French is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your meeting or conference, do get in touch.

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