Mark Obama Ndesandjo, highest newcomer

A wide range of new speakers has entered this month’s top-10 most-sought speakers of the China Speakers Bureau. While the top positions are still held by Shaun Rein and Kaiser Kuo, we see Mark Obama Ndesandjo as the highest newcomer on place 3. But he is not the only one of the new speakers who enters the top-10: Benjamin Joffe arrived at no.6 and – a relative newcomer – Tricia Wang at no.10.

The recent change in the lay-out of our website has most likely caused a larger change, compared to the June 2011 list, but our in-house analyst still argue about the real background.

The July 2011 most-sought speakers (June in brackets)

  1. Shaun Rein [1]
  2. Kaiser Kuo [2]
  3. Mark Obama Ndesandjo [-]
  4. Victor Shih [6]
  5. Amy Sommers [10]
  6. Benjamin Joffe [-]
  7. Paul French [8]
  8. Arthur Kroeber [-]
  9. Bill Dodson [9]
  10. Tricia Wang [5]
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