Paul French

Big changes on our monthly list of most-sought speakers for September, compared to August 2011. A few speakers saw their position rise firmly, and four re-entered our top-10. Paul French heads our listing for the first time, after he published his latest book “Midnight in Peking”, a book he described in one of many interviews as literary non-fiction, the reconstruction of a 1937 murder case in Beijing.

Second rising star is certainly Marc van der Chijs, who helped to launch video sharing company Tudou in August at Nasdaq, in quite an adversary financial climate. Dust is settling down a bit, and the event has certainly helped to raise his profile as a speaker on China.

But also other speakers have been active, and that clearly reflects their popularity. Rupert Hoogewerf published his annual China Rich List, and his findings were again a hit in the mainstream media. Janet Carmosky has launched at YouTube a very entertaining set of video’s – “China What?”, exploring the difficult relationship between China and the US, another example of an excellent strategy to raise her profile as a speaker. The video’s cover the wide range of subjects she can talk about: water, oil, mobile phones and aircraft carriers.

Our top-10 of most-sought speakers in September 2011 (August 2011 in brackets).

  1. Paul French[3]
  2. Kaiser Kuo [2]
  3. Marc van der Chijs[10]
  4. Arthur Kroeber [-]
  5. Wendell Minnick [7]
  6. Rupert Hoogewerf [-]
  7. William Overholt [-]
  8. Janet Carmosky [-]
  9. Bill Dodson [5]
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