Zhang Lijia

One of the mantra’s in our communication with our speakers is: make yourself heard. So we push them to write on weblogs, mainstream media and some of the many social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the upcoming force: Google+. The weibo’s have a bit less effect, since most of our clients and readers reside outside China. But we do imagine to see that those who are digitally active, are also the ones popping up at our monthly top-10 of most-sought speakers.

Shaun Rein regained his first place in October, with the highest number of publications of any of our speakers. Paul French holds on to the second position, as his successful book “Midnight in Peking” is making rounds around the world. Kaiser Kuo, for a long time part of the trio at the top is dropping a bit, as his activities are more backstage at Baidu. Rupert Hoogewerf has replaced him, thanks to a very creative way of publishing more China rich lists than ever.

authors Bill Dodson and Zhang Lijia have beefed up publications on her weblog, and Janet Carmosky is very successful with her YouTube hit “China What?”.

For October we can list the following ten speakers for our top-10 [September in brackets].

  1. Shaun Rein (2)
  2. Paul French (1)
  3. Rupert Hoogewerf (7)
  4. Janet Carmosky (9)
  5. Tom Doctoroff (-)
  6. Bill Dodson (10)
  7. Zhang Lijia (-)
  8. Victor Shih (-)
  9. Marc van der Chijs (4)
  10. Kaiser Kuo (3)
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