Bejing: traditional Chinese theatre
Bejing: traditional Chinese theatre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We noted already in April  the storm of news coming over us, May has not been different. The fall out of the Bo Xilai case, a anti-foreigner drive in Beijing, bringing CCTV anchor Yang Rui in the limelight. And three of our speakers, Shaun Rein, Paul French and Tom Doctoroff are in the middle of the promotion campaign of what promises to be two bestsellers on China. This time, we decided to expand to a top-10.

What have been the most-read stories for May? Happy reading.

  1. What the Chinese want, Tom Doctoroff
  2. Pollution, food safety haunt Chinese consumers, Shaun Rein
  3. Zong Qinghong, richest man in China, Rupert Hoogewerf
  4. Anti-foreigner sentiment on the rise, Marc van der Chijs
  5. Even Chinese do not want “made in China”, Bill Dodson
  6. Why Facebook should not enter China, Shaun Rein
  7. China’s failing soft power, Zhang Lijia
  8. First sex, a precious gift in China, James Farrer
  9. Angry Taiwan delays upgrade F-16, Wendell Minnick
  10. The rising tide of angle investors, Marc van der Chijs
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