Rupert Hoogewerf on poster
Rupert Hoogewerf  (right)on poster

When you look at western media report about Rupert Hoogewerf, the founder of the almost two decades old Hurun rich list, following the Chinese super rich, you have to be impressed. But this is just the top of an iceberg, as he attracts even more attention from the Chinese media, as this poster shows (with Rupert on the right).

We found the giant poster at the Huaihai Zhong Lu,one of the busiest shopping streets in Shanghai. It promotes a weekly TV show Rupert is having on Chinese TV. At the China Speakers Bureau, we try to limit ourselves to reports on Western media (see an overview here.)

At his channel at WeChat (ID: hurunhurun) Rupert has an even more extensive program of activities with China´s rich, and has a great following.

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