Shaun Rein
Shaun Rein

Trust and clean air are key, and Australia and New Zealand could even get more Chinese buyers to their countries if they play their cards right, says business analyst and author Shaun Rein to the Australian Financial Review. The visa process is vital.

The Australian Financial Review:

Mr Rein said that Australia and New Zealand should be beneficiaries of more Chinese looking to buy tourist experiences if the countries can maintain high levels of trust. “They want to travel, they want to come to Australia because frankly, [Australia] and New Zealand have the absolute best images for Chinese consumers. They consider you safe, clean, honest. They want to come here to buy homes, they want to come here to shop because they trust you.”

However, Mr Rein warned that Chinese tourist numbers to Australia should be higher than they are. Many are finding the visa process more difficult than New Zealand. “Chinese are feeling a little bit less welcomed by the Australian government right now,” he said.

China is set to become a global player in mobile services, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing given the pace of factory automation, Mr Rein said. Innovation has been given a boost by the government’s crackdown on corruption, which means companies can rely less now on cronyism to support profits.

More in the Australian Financial Review.

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