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Surveys by the Hurun China Rich List not only show that China´s affluent have spent more money in 2016, but increasingly do to while traveling, says Hurun chairman Rupert Hoogewerf in the Luxury Daily. The number of days per month they travel went up again.

The Luxury Daily:

Purchases made while abroad are seen as part of the travel experience for many Chinese consumers looking for goods unavailable at home or unique to a specific location.

Hurun found that many affluent Chinese are reserving more days for traveling.

“Chinese luxury consumers continue to be extremely busy, away on business trips for eight days a month on average, up one day year-over-year,” said Mr. Hoogewerf.

“Despite this, they take 10 days for holiday, three more days than last year, whilst the super-rich take five more days than last year to 15 and go abroad 3.4 times a year on average, twice for traveling,” he said.

More in the Luxury Daily.

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