Christmas is sneaking in at our headquarters and – as expected – we are winding up our business in anticipation of the coming holidays and welcome 2019. Our 2018 has been great, and we hope the same for you. With the global economy picking up, we saw the same happening in the speaking business we are running.

We have high hopes for 2019, although the Trump-induced upheaval, the Brexit and other uncertainties will make it an exciting year, where we hope to assist in creating some clarity.

Western Christmas and New Year is – including three weekends – longer than mostly, but you do not hear us complain.

Since Chinese New Year is relatively early this year, we expect little activity between both major new-year celebrations but will be back in full force by half February. Meanwhile, we will keep an eye on our email box, we hope some of the main political actors will also take some time off.

While we cannot but hope the best for economic and business developments in the coming year, we have a few plans to at least improve our performance on a technical level. A major revamp of our website is in the making, and as Google announced to close down their social platform Google+, we are preparing a switch to MeWe, and we kindly invite you to join us there, as we give it a spin in the upcoming months. We will slowly phase out Google+.

Otherwise, we hope you keep healthy and hope to renew our relationship after the holidays.

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