Ashley Dudarenok

Influencers are key for marketing, says China marketeer Ashley Dudarenok. Platforms might change when time moves on, influencers are here to stay, she adds in Forbes. ” In 2019 you can’t market in China without investing 20-70% of your marketing budget into influencers,” she says.


Ashley Galina Dudarenok, author and China marketing expert explains, “Influencer marketing is such a focal point of brand strategy because it’s a lot more powerful than many other methods.” She continues, fresh from the stage at the Palais de Festival speaking about culture, technology and advertising at Cannes Lions, “In China, we say that Chinese KOLs (key opinion leaders) are the only influencers globally that actually sell.  No matter whether you are a big or a small brand, in 2019 you can’t market in China without investing 20-70% of your marketing budget into influencers.”

Dudarenok points out that the bridge such KOLs serve for cultural connection is invaluable.  She adds, “According to PWC’s report, 29% of Chinese consumers, as compared to 13% globally, actually use social media to see what brands or products KOLs and celebrities are endorsing now, so it’s a phenomenon that just continues to balloon.” …

Indeed, Dudarenok predicts, “Platforms will change, influencers will stay. There will also be more and more self-brands launched by KOLs. In fact, big global brands, by cooperating with KOLs, are actually in the process of creating their own future competitors .”

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