In Europe and the US, business is winding down as Christmas and New Year are coming, while next month China will join with its Spring Festival. Traffic jams and packed stores are already early indicators of the festivities upon us.

Traditionally, we keep an eye on the news and our email boxes as most of the world enjoys a much needed break. Since the world is changing fast, also our traditions might become under threat as the trade war between China and the US enters its second phase, even before the first trade deal has been signed.

The slowdown is going to take till early February 2020, as normal business will resume. We are looking forward to another dynamic year, and hope it will be for you, in a positive way.

It is a good moment to shortly reflect on the past, but look forward to a 2020 where China will dominate even more than 2019 world politics, economic development and agenda-setting capabilities. We hope to be able to provide you with more information and good speakers to help you managing your future.

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