Tencent’s WeChat Work has been rolling out new features that might – or might not – offer also new opportunities to the China Speakers Bureau. Because of our focus on organizing established China experts for a global market, we used those social media platforms that focused on a global audience: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. But when WeChat is joining those global forces: we should not ignore that development.

It does not mean we are going to expand our business model – yet. We do get a few times per week requests from a range of global speakers who hope we can help them to explore the China market. We then routinely explain them that is not our current business model. But over the past year we have seen the opportunities change. In the past the China market was limited to a small group of celebrity speakers a Chinese audience could related to, says Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger. But a small, but emerging group of speakers is getting more successful in China, as China becomes more successful in expanding its global footprint.

We are not yet adopting our current business model, but in the long run that could be an option, and if WeChat Works or other platform can help us, we should start exploring that venue.

Do let us know if you have worked with WeChat Work (especially the changes introduced since December 2019) and what your experiences are. Do you see opportunities for yourself, and are our observations, about Chinese platforms adding value to a global operation, are correct.

Again: we are not yet changing our current business focus, and start to explore possible changes in the long run. Do let us know how you feel about this and what does it take for a future marketing approach: organizing a different group of speaker, getting more China social platforms in place and more changes that might be needed.

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