William Bao Bean (right)

While the rest of the world is firmly into a lockdown, China is slowly getting back to normal. That is only one of the reasons why the country is leading the way after the coronavirus crisis, says William Bao Bean, partner, SOSV Capital and Managing Director, Chinaccelerator from Shanghai to Webintravel in a podcast.


“We’re in China. We’re talking to you from the future. Most of the world are just coming into quarantine. And we’re coming out of it after two months. So think about what happens. People still have to eat. So how do they get their food? People get very bored and they also get very angry and distracted by their children. So there’s actually quite a lot of opportunity here.”

Impact on big vs small 

“Big, disruptive downturns have a big negative impact on larger companies, as opposed to small companies, because small companies don’t have that physical and human infrastructure. They’re also much more nimble and it’s easier to make cuts.”

Asia leapfrogging in mobile innovation in health tech

“Asia has a bit of an advantage in terms of speed because they’re more open to (tech) adoption than other markets. This is the leapfrog effect twe’ve seen in travel, fintech and banking. And now we’re seeing it in the health industry, where new solutions innovation is rolled out much more quickly.”

On China’s Health Code app, Singapore’s TraceTogether app 

“Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. I think globally, what you’re going to see is an increase in adoption in technology and the lead has really been taken by Asia. People are citing South Korea, China and Singapore.”

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