As the COVID-19 keeps on raging, event organizers tend to focus on 2021 for a resumption of their activities, mostly for Q2, says the latest survey into the business confidence by I-Meet. While the survey mostly focuses on US companies, we see a similar pattern on other continents.

A large majority of the event organizers (71%) see a resumption of their activities by 2021, mostly in Q2.

As a speakers’ agency, we are slightly better off, as we can organize our speakers also for online events, although most of our potential clients still are hesitant to make that virtual jump. As the coronavirus crisis is not abating for the next 12 months, planning virtual events might be needed for those companies, NGO’s and government organizations eager to pick the brains of our speakers.

For event organizers depending on international flights in a global setting, the damage could even be more permanent than it looks today. While the uptake of virtual events for our speakers is just a trickle of past business, we do not see a speedy recovery into the old business models.

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