Kaiser Kuo

In a wide-ranging interview with the South China Morning Post, China veteran Kaiser Kuo explains why – unlike many others – he did not become a China-whiner, also not after he returned in 2016 to the US. He is now a leading voice on the relations between China and the US, without taking sides for either country.

Kaiser Kuo:

My wife and I returned to the States in 2016. We were very happy in Beijing. It was simply so our kids could get an American education. But it’s been sheer agony to watch helplessly as

the US-China relationship sours.

I actually feel ripped apart, and not out of attraction to both sides but out of profound disappointment with both countries. Dialogue is still possible, and understanding one another’s perspectives is more urgent than ever. So as dark as things are, I’m still fighting the good fight, and platforms like SupChina and Sinica are more important than ever.

The full interview at the South China Morning Post.

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