Bytedance’s Tiktok, known in China as Douyin, has for the first time disclosed some of the figures on its usage. Tiktok is only starting to grow, says internet watcher Matthew Brennan to CNBC. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, it’s still getting started,” he added.


Duoyin and TikTok are both owned by Beijing-headquartered ByteDance. Over the last few weeks, ByteDance has released some closely-guarded user numbers that show just how popular both apps are.

On Tuesday, it said Douyin hit 600 million daily active users in August. The announcement came a day after TikTok revealed more than 100 million people across Europe are active on TikTok every month. And last month, TikTok announced it had 100 million monthly active U.S. users.

Slowly but surely, ByteDance is painting a picture of how many people use its video sharing apps in each region.

Brennan thinks that China is two years ahead of the U.S. and Europe when it comes to short video. “The big question is the ceiling,” he said. “Where will TikTok/Douyin usage top out? If China hasn’t reached that ceiling yet, that means TikTok very likely has at least two to three years of strong growth left.”

Brennan pointed out that Douyin had 200 million daily active users in 2018. “Now it’s 600 million…that’s an instructive bellwether for TikTok’s potential growth in Europe and the U.S. for 2020-2022,” he said.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, it’s still getting started,” he added.

More at CNBC.

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