Zhang Wenhong

China might be ready to open its borders again partially in the second half of 2022, says leading virus expert Zhang Wenhong on a health forum in Qingdao in June, according to the South China Morning Post. That partial opening will depend on the speed of China’s vaccination program, he added.

Earlier the Shanghai-based specialist hoped for an opening of China’s borders in early 2022.

“We can start exchanges with countries that have good vaccination rates and low Covid-19 prevalence,” he said.

Vaccination rates might be relatively high in the US and Europe, other continents like Asia, Africa, and Latin America are relatively low, hampering a global opening up of international travel. China has been successfully containing outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus, but started very late to vaccinate its own population. Also other countries have been lookiing at its own performance in battling the coronavirus, but the global struggle has been lagging. International travel can only resume when the virus has been contained globally.

Techincally visiting China, or leaving China for visits, is possible, but marred with a multitude of quartanine measure, testing requirements and corona passports.

For the China Speakers Bureau that means we have to look at virtual approaches for our speakers, until flights

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