Ashley Dudarenok

E-commerce platforms are doing very well in China, but that does not mean they can easily gain consumer’s trust, says marketing expert Ashley Dudarenok on Marketing-Interactive. A few tips: the platform should be easy to use, and the quality of the products should be impeccable, she adds.


Although buyers need to spend time and effort to learn more about the products, unless there is a seamlessness in the buying process and education process, customers might turn to competitor channels. “This could seriously affect consumer purchase confidence, especially for mid- and high-end users located in first- and second-tier cities who pursue high quality products,” Ashley Galina Dudarenok, founder of ChoZan and Alarice.

Currently, large e-commerce marketplaces have created dedicated storefronts for their clients to ensure authenticity of products. However, for smaller marketplaces, the inability to verify the authenticity of products is still common. As such, building trust becomes harder.

“At present, more and more platforms emphasis genuine products and are regulating product certification to guarantee product quality. For example, Pingduoduo creates its own factories to ensure the source and quality of products. Consumers shopping on the Pingduoduo platform can enjoy the genuine products and quality assurance provided by merchants. If consumers purchase counterfeit brand products, they can claim ten times compensation,” Dudarenok added.

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