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Some investors have been suggesting that the latest political changes in China have made India an easier place to invest. VC veteran William Bao Bean, with major experience in both countries, disagrees, he tells in the South China Morning Post. He believes the government’s efforts to break the duopoly of Tencent and Alibaba makes China for him even more attractive.

The South China Morning Post:

William Bao Bean, general partner at SOSV Chinaaccelerator, a Shanghai-based firm that helps investors in China and India, said India is not an easy place to access for foreign investors. “India is very hard to invest in for foreigners, in terms of tax rates and regulation,” Bean said. “In fact, it remains harder for foreigners to invest in India than it is to invest in China.”

Bean said his capital exposure in China accounted for roughly 25 per cent of his portfolio over the past three or four years. “Now, with the recent changes. I’m actually looking to increase my exposure to China,” said Bean, pointing out that China’s antitrust drive is breaking the duopoly of Alibaba and Tencent, opening the way to more competition and investment opportunities.

Bean said regulatory change has always been part of China’s market environment and investors need to adapt. The current change in China also comes as the market has matured, with 71 per cent of the population already connected to the internet compared with 50 per cent in India, according to government data.

More in the South China Morning Post.

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