Going to the stock exchanges has become a tough call for Chinese companies, writes financial analyst Wei Gu in Reuters’ BreakingViews. The prospects look tough, although there are exceptions.Read More →

China’s luxury goods market might still be going strong, despite a dip in the country’s growth. But previously popular brands like Burberry are losing traction, tells retail analyst Paul French in the Huffington Post. But there is still hope.Read More →

The Ferrari crash in Singapore by a rich Chinese, killing three including himself, triggers off another debate on China’s moral crisis. Author Zhang Lijia addresses at Channel Asia the issue of people getting rich too fast.Read More →

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia dives on her weblog into the argument between Chinese from Hong Kong and those on the mainland, who have been denouncing each other, calling the mainlanders ‘locusts’, while professor Kong Qingsheng from Peking University called the Hongkongnese ‘running dogs’.Read More →

Paul Denlinger by Fantake via Flickr China’s leading eCommerce site Alibaba.com is in another spat with its largest shareholder Yahoo (neatly summarized here in the Wall Street Journal) because it started to recruit advertisers on the mainland. Business analyst Paul Denlinger explains in the Business Insider why Yahoo has to reclaim lost ground inRead More →

Jim Rogers is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, In and Co-founder of the Quantum Fund He travels from Singapore Two decades ago Jim Rogers moved to Singapore as he emerges as a major bull on Asia. Since then he stuck to his guns as a successful investor, made sureRead More →