Our second installment on the top-5 most-read stories for November 2011 show certainly the power of search engines in retrieving stories. Some of the recent stories by Wendell Minnick and Shaun Rein do pretty well, but we see also much interest in stories that are older.Read More →

Our speakers publish regularly books. Here you find an overview of the most recent publications on China. In some cases, we might be able to help to negotiate a discount on the official price, if you retain a speaker, or need a larger number of books. Interested? Get in touch.Read More →

Brasschaat, June 3, 2010 Dear friends, With pride I can announce a new expansion of the CBS.  Earlier this year we published our first book, A Changing China, available worldwide through Amazon. The process involved our entire editing staff, and outside consulting from US publishing experts, as well as the developmentRead More →

Zhang Lijia by Fantake via Flickr In A Changing China, the recently released book by the China Speakers Bureau, celebrity author Zhang Lijia recalls how she, as a worker in a missile factory in Nanjing, organized a demonstration to support the students in Beijing: It’s been 20 years. Yet IRead More →

Xu Ping We already heard the stories about Taiwanese factory owners in Guangdong who left their close-to bankrupt enterprises over the wall that was designed to keep people out. But for larger companies like Foxconn such a fast departure is not that easy.Foxconn has been in the middle of quiteRead More →

Mark Schaub For time reasons we have delayed the planned China Speakers Bureau podcast with Shanghai-based lawyer and author Mark Schaub on the labor contract law till next week. But we are right away discussing another no less equally important subject: Chinese investments abroad.When you look at the news onRead More →

Mark Schaub, this month’s fastest mover Surprising changes in this month “most-sought speaker”, compared to the scores in September. Some of our leading speakers have suddenly dropped off the list and we see a range of relative new-comers in our top-10.One of the reasons for that change could be thatRead More →

Expected: Zhang LijiaFons1 via FlickrI just caught Paul Denlinger while he was preparing for a trip to Shenzhen. In my previous entry I already announced I wanted him to join in my next podcast and he gladly agreed. In the China Speakers Bureau podcasts we are going to capture partsRead More →

via Wikipedia One of our key targets at the China Speakers Bureau is getting the debate on China rolling. One reason to ask speakers for our service is because we feel they are important participants in some of the key debates on China. Is the real estate falling apart? IsRead More →

cross-cultural dilemma’sWikipedia Today I was asked by a potential client to give a few possibilities from our stable of speakers who are able to discuss with US-based senior executives cross-cultural dilemma’s for working in China. That was a tough pick, since we have a decent group of speakers who couldRead More →