Google has been complaining that censorship in increasing their cost as a foreign player, but Kaiser Kuo, international communication director of its domestic competitor Baidu says in the New York Times that censorship is not giving Baidu a competitive advantage.

Kaiser Kuo, the director of international communications for Baidu, said that it was wrong to suggest that China’s controls on the Internet were unfairly helping his company.

“Google no longer incurs the costs of censorship that we continue to incur; those costs include not only hardware, software and manpower but most importantly the time of our very senior managers,” Mr. Kuo said. “We should not labor under the illusion that censorship is some sort of competitive advantage to Baidu.

More in the New York Times on Google’s accusation China’s internet controls are against the WTO rules on internet access.

Kaiser Kuo is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your meeting

Kaiser HeadshotKaiser Kuo via Flickr

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