Kaiser Kuo

“No comment.” Few of our speakers have been quoted so often by the mainstream media saying nothing. Kaiser Kuo easily made it into the top-position of most-sought speakers for April as he was – and still is – unable to say anything about a possible cooperation between his company Baidu and Facebook. It has not reduced his popularity in our top-10.
He even passed Shaun Rein, who had a top-month in doing the opposite: saying things that matter. Shanghai Disney, inflation, IKEA, Fukushima, Google and the luxury goods market: almost no day passed without mainstream media quoting Shaun Rein.
Most popular newcomer is certainly Bill Dodson, whose book, China Inside Out: 10 Irreversible Trends Reshaping China and its Relationship with the World, is making big waves.
Our top-10 of most-sought speakers for April (March in brackets)

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    Bill Dodson
  1. Kaiser Kuo (2)
  2. Shaun Rein (1)
  3. Victor Shih (10)
  4. Paul French (3)
  5. William Overholt (7)
  6. Tom Doctoroff (5)
  7. Arthur Kroeber (4)
  8. Bill Dodson (-)
  9. Helen Wang (8)
  10. Wendell Minnick (6)
(We have an early release of our top-10 as we are preparing to move our China Speakers Bureau website, and counting system, into WordPress. You might notice some disturbances on the line, as we move on.)
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