Tricia Wang

Our website went through a major improvements and that has caused also some drastic changes in how our visitors look for speakers. Compared to our previous top-10 listing from April, the top-positions are still taken by both Shaun Rein and Kaiser Kuo. But we see a few newcomers in the list, Janet Carmosky and Tricia Wang. We estimate that the new structure of the website, has also changed the way how people look for speakers. Here is our June listing, compared [in brackets] with April 2011.

  1. Shaun Rein [2]
  2. Kaiser Kuo [1]
  3. William Overholt [5]
  4. Janet Carmosky [-]
  5. Tricia Wang [-]
  6. Victor Shih [3]
  7. Tom Doctoroff [6]
  8. Paul French [4]
  9. Bill Dodson [8]
  10. Amy Sommers [-]



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