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Many cities, including those in China, are teeming with startups. Many will fail, some will succeed. Timing and resilience are two factors that are crucial for the success of startups and their founders, says William Bao Bean, managing director of the Chinaccelerator at the WIT Bootcamp 2017, according to Web In Travel.

Web in Travel:

“The best founding teams are like cockroaches, they get stepped on and go crunch a little but then keep on running,” a quote by William Bao Bean, general partner of SOSV and managing director of Chinaccelerator best sums up what make a better startup, and perhaps set it on the road to being a unicorn.

Speaking at the panel session on “What makes a better startup” at WIT Bootcamp 2017 in Singapore yesterday Bao Bean used this example to show the resilience of a startup in Shanghai which, despite a few difficult years on surviving on little income, difficulty in finding investors and a host of other factors working against them.

The question of timing is also important as this startup was five years too early, he added.

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