Arnold Ma

Running the Olympic games under a pandemic in Tokyo might hurt the Olympic brand, as many negative incidents have shown already. But marketing expert Arnold Ma is sure the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 will do the opposite, he tells in Campaign Asia.

Arnold Ma:

“It reflects worse on Tokyo rather than the Olympics brand—cases are rising there and they have been pushing for it to go ahead. The Olympics rely heavily on how well the host country organises the event, so it will be affecting the fame of the country, instead of the games itself.

“I think it’s a huge positive that Winter 2022 will be in China, a good move for the Olympics brand. I’m confident it will be a huge success and provide an example of how an Olympic event can be run during a pandemic. This will further isolate any negative connotations to Tokyo rather than the Olympic brand itself. China is known for being able to host large-scale events extremely efficiently, taking full advantage of a centralised government and being able to pull in huge manpower to ensure organisation and order. Further, China has been Covid-free for several months—largely due to the way they contained the spread of the virus, prevention over cure. All of this will bring more positive equity to the Olympic brand.”

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