Ashley Dudarenok

Marketing expert Ashley Dudarenok looks at new lifestyle trends among China’s young consumers. With the Olympics around the corner, skiing is one of them, she writes in Jing Daily. “Many luxury brands hope to use the popularity of the Winter Olympics to promote their ski collections.”

Ashley Dudarenok:

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, cold-weather activities like skiing have become incredibly trendy — both online and offline. In 2021, the search volume for “ski tutorial” on Xiaohongshu increased by 100 percent, year-on-year, having grown significantly for two consecutive years. Aside from the Winter Olympics factor, rising national income and escalating trends in fashion consumption have resulted in ice and snow sports growing from an elite niche pastime to a broad middle-class activity. That should make skiing increasingly popular in the future.

The ski industry is now known as the “Platinum Bonanza” (白金富矿)  in China due to its high economic value. But this extreme economic development has helped drive many other industries, including the luxury industry. Because the high cost of ski equipment requires high spending power, luxury goods have a natural audience in ski-related products. Luxury brands have only recently noticed this trend and are now launching ski-related products, which has made this professional sport even more popular.

Many luxury brands hope to use the popularity of the Winter Olympics to promote their ski collections. In September 2021, Prada opened a new Prada on Ice pop-up store in Beijing SKP to sell their exclusive Winter Olympics series. Meanwhile, FENDI launched ski items with spokesperson Jackson Wang while jointly opening a limited-time coffee shop called FENDI in the Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort.

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