Ashley Dudarenok

Marketing veteran Ashley Dudarenok dives into the tactics for branding in China, using AI and virtual technology. Those technologies define increasingly the success of brands in China, she explains in the Jing Daily.

Ashley Dudarenok:

Brand marketing in China that deploys virtual and AI technology is exerting an increasingly large impact on purchasing decisions, with consumers seeking new and exciting experiences.

The rise of AIGC (artificial intelligence-generated content) and other virtual marketing methods has drawn the attention of investors, producers, celebrities, and social platforms. Brands can expect to see more innovation and creativity in this space, led by the rapidly developing gaming, cartoon and avatar spaces in China.

Marketers and brands stand to benefit from having a firm grasp on how virtual and AI-led marketing in China will develop through this year. ChoZan’s China E-commerce Marketing And Digital Space 2023 Mega Report outlines five tactics that brands can use to unleash the technologies’ potential.

More at the Jing Daily.

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