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The number of screens you look at haven increased over the years, but that number is at a tipping point as AR takes over, said Alvin Wang Graylin, China president of smartphone maker HTC, earlier this week at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) Asia 2023 event in Singapore, according to the Register.

The Register:

“Right now, there’s so many screens in our lives, and the natural thinking is that we’re going to keep having a lot more screens,” Graylin told the Augmented World Expo (AWE) Asia 2023 event in Singapore today. “And with this trend, you’re thinking, hey, it’s going to be another five or ten screens over the next few years. No, it’s actually the opposite.”

“Where we are going now is using the most natural interfaces that we have – our hands, our eyes and mouth, our bodies, and natural ways of how we interact with the physical world,” he told the audience.

“What we’re going to find is that by having a device on your head, more and more of those screens are going to be replaced by that device on your face. And that device at some point will maybe even get embedded as a chip in your body,” he added.

As the gabfest’s name implies, he’s suggesting a transition to life lived in extended reality (XR) – probably beaming out from a single screen worn on your noggin to replace the collection of smartphones, computers, televisions, tablets and e-readers we use today. The myriad screens in public spaces are also at risk.

Graylin predicted the tech to make XR happen is happening.

“Over the last year, we can see new generations of products coming,” Graylin told the conference. He described next-gen XR products as thin and light – and becoming the new norm as more and more screen-bearing devices are replaced with headgear.

More at the Register.

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