Shaun Rein at CNN
Shaun Rein at CNN

We hope your year 2015 starts with a blast, just like ours.  China is changing at rapid pace, and we hope to be also your 2015 matchmaker if you are looking for experts on the fast-moving realities in China.

What do we expect in 2015?

1. 2014 has been a record year for China’s outbound investments. This trend is going to continue in 2015, as the central government is pumping huge funds into China´s global expansion, in addition to the already huge private investments. Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Lenovo, Wanda, JD, Xiaomi, Haier are just a few of many names that deserve a place on your corporate radar.

2. E-commerce is a driving force in China’s economic development, where mobile is moving faster than anywhere else in the world. Even more, China´s innovation on e-commerce is becoming a leading force for developments elsewhere. After Alibaba and JD got their war chest even fuller, they look for opportunities to spend it on better logistics, financial solutions and mobile applications in 2015.

3. The Internet of Things (IOT) is going to be the battlefield of 2015. Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba are gearing up highly competitive strategies, first for the domestic market, and later in 2015 for the international markets too.

4. China´s outbound tourists spend per capita more than tourists from any other country. And while their preferences change fast, the percentage of Chinese taking a trip abroad is still at the beginning of its development. And they come back with huge amounts of luxury goods, a trend that won´t change in 2015.

5. President Xi Jinping´s crusade against corruption continues to make a huge impact. Some luxury goods saw their turnover tumble, others continue to sell. While the jury is still out on the question whether on how effective Xi is going to be, following the fallout of his campaign is key.

6. Innovation is high on the Chinese agenda, both for domestic purposes, but also for the global expansion. Telecom, mobile, e-commerce are just a few industries where China is going to make a change.

7. Last year China maneuvered rather successful along a financial abyss, financial reform will dominate the 2015 developments. Shadow banking, high levels of debts dominated the headlines. Those acute dangers have been avoided, but as new banks and mobile financial apps pop up, new developments in this industry will change the landscape yet again.

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