Classic tourists destinations like France are out for China´s rich, as they focus on more exotic destinations like the Arctic and Africa, reports the Wall Street Journal based on a new report by Rupert Hoogewerf´s Hurun Rich list. Only Switzerland survives in Europe.Read More →

Sales of yachts in China are under pressure, WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu notes at the Hainan Rendez-Vous, caused by China´s anti-corruption drive at the China Real Time of the WSJ. It did not help that last year sex-and-drugs stories emerged from the 2013 fair.Read More →

China is second in the number of billionaires, only after the United States, according to the Hurun Global Rich List, published on Tuesday. Especially Chinese entrepreneurs are shooting up fast, tells Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the China Daily.Read More →

Nanjing-based tycoon Chen Guangbiao latest tour to the US, including a bid for the New York Times, gave him quite some attention, and certainly caused laughter too. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu explains in the Wall Street Journal why his preposterous business card might deserve a revamp.Read More →

The latest bid for the New York Times by tycoon Chen Guangbiao might have been a joke, but there are good reason for Chinese entrepreneurs to go abroad. WSJ´s wealth manager Wei Gu discusses with CEIBS´Oliver Rui why their position with local government is a key reason to invest.Read More →

As stories about sky-high debts go around in China, and operational costs rise, WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu discusses with Oliver Rui, co-director of CEIBS Kaifeng Center for Family Heritage, the most important lesson from Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing: keep your debts low, especially when rising costs hurt your business.Read More →