China companies

China’s companies are going global in a fast speed. A few decades ago China was only a few percent of the global economy, but those days are far behind us. What happens in China, now has global impact, and what Chinese companies do, cannot be ignored.

Chinese companies have a different way of operating, both domestically and internationally. At the China Speakers Bureau we have already started to cluster some of our speakers with a specific take on those emerging powerhouses in a first collection. Those speakers can help you out to figure out what the Alibaba’s, Tencents and Baidu’s are doing in China, internationally and what they do different from Western conglomerates.

Todays we also started a new Facebook page on China business strategies. (FYI: we have already another page on China innovations). We will link to daily news and updates on what we think are noteworthy developments both in China and internationally. Of course: it is also a sneaky way to sell our speakers to you, but you will notice our promotions easily.

We started this new initiative early January 2018, so bear with us while we build up a useful database. Do get in touch for questions or suggestions.

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