Shaun Rein

Chinese consumers love to follow their friends’ recommendations for buying, and with a mobile at hand, social commerce has become a leading force, says business analyst Shaun Rein and author of The War for China’s Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order, at the South China Morning Post. Fun in shopping has become for blue-collar workers as important as the price, he says.

The South China Morning Post:

“The potential of social commerce is huge because people like to buy what their friends recommend. Increasingly, in China’s e-commerce landscape, people don’t know what sales channel to trust, but if they see their friends purchasing things on social commerce sites they are more likely to buy,” said Shaun Rein, the managing director of China Market Research Group and author of The War for China’s Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order

“Social commerce becomes a form of low-cost mobile entertainment, especially for blue-collar workers. Almost everybody has a smartphone now and shopping is not only cheap but fun,” said Rein.

More at the South China Morning Post.

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