Ashley Dudarenok

Women account for 70% of the purchases in China’s households, and marketing expert Ashley Dudarenok looks into the 2023 trends for the female consumer at China’s Women’s Day, for the Jing Daily. Most of China’s platforms dive deep into this important segment of consumers.

Ashley Dudarenok:

These business opportunities are set to expand as China’s “she economy” thrives, driven by financially independent young women, particularly those from the millennial and Gen-Z generations, spending on themselves for their own happiness rather than fulfilling traditional roles.

This growth has propelled the emergence of female-centric businesses catering to women’s preferences and needs, making China the world’s third-largest consumer market for women, equivalent to the combined retail markets of Germany, France, and the UK, reports the South China Morning Post. The shift has also prompted other businesses to target female consumers and promote gender equality in their workforce.

The COVID-19 pandemic both positively and negatively impacted China’s “she economy.” E-commerce and digital platforms accelerated, benefiting female consumers who shop online, and female representation in companies improved, while women in the workforce, particularly in the service sector, have lost jobs or experienced reduced hours.

These dynamics are fueling the rise of trends that brands must master to succeed.

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