Shaun Rein

Quality, price and value drive China’s consumers, not patriotism, says business analyst Shaun Rein in the LA Times. They might say something patriotic, but that is not key for their purchases, although China’s media might suggest nationalism is most important for consumers.

LA Times:

“Typically, they will say something patriotic or nationalistic,” Shaun Rein, business analyst and founder of the China Market Research Group, said of the Chinese survey respondents. “But when it comes to actually buying something, they don’t care about that so much. They care more about quality, price, and value.”…

There is a trend of rising Chinese preference for Chinese goods, Rein said, particularly in consumer electronics, where Huawei mobile phones have taken over Apple’s market share in China. But patriotism still isn’t as important as getting a good deal when it comes to consumer decisions, he said.

“If the product is not comparable quality, they won’t boycott. It’s just like people still want to buy Canada Goose, because there’s nothing comparable in China,” he said, referring to the Canadian parka brand.

More in the LA Times.

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