William Bao Bean

The Indian startup TryNdBuy has been adopted by the Chinaccelerator, and Shanghai-based managing director William Bao Bean explains why the virtual fitting room has a good chance to succeed in China, he tells at Livemint. Up to now, every virtual fitting room including Amazon and Microsoft, makes the consumer look bad, he explains.


Chinaccelerator MD William Bao Bean explains why he took a chance on the Indian entrepreneur. “Every virtual fitting room I’ve ever seen makes the consumer look bad. Amazon and Microsoft make the person look like a plastic dummy. The consumer is not going to buy something if she looks bad in it,” he says.

He says TryNDBuy’s computer vision solution does a better job of making a 3D virtual avatar that won’t make a consumer cringe while getting a sense of how she will look in a dress. Chinaccelerator is helping the startup with the tough act of business development outside India. “It’s a B2B (business-to-business) sale, step by step. There’s interest from brands in China and then we just have to navigate Alibaba, which is never an easy thing,” he says.

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